Why you should have multiple CV’s?

We all always ask the following questions:

Why I’m not getting calls

Why I’m not being contacted

Is my CV / Resume good Enough?

All of these are valid questions…. and actually you will have to put more effort in creating your CV or resume.

The simple straight answer to this is  create Multiple Versions of your CV / Resume.

How and Why you should create multiple versions of your CVs

The reasons – Why

  • Each Discipline has its own sub disciplines fr example: in IT, you can have you CV focused on networking or servers, or security or IT Management
  • Your previous blend of experience might focus on one area.
  • Employers always look for specific skills, you might might have focused on one area while the employer is interested in different version.

The way – How

  • Do a job search and find  4 or 5 sub areas in your area of expertise / discipline.
  • Take your original and make a copy of it and start to focus on the first sub area of expertise
  • Repeat until you have have 4 or 5 versions of your resume including your original one which we can call it the general CV / Resume
  • Now when you go online and apply for jobs apply with the matching version CV that fits the job description

This task can be very time consuming but it worth the time and effort.


The benefits:

  • Your CV / Resume is more focus to specific areas and employers will feel you are a better match
  • Its a good exercise to explore your skills and to know what is available in the jobs market that matches your skills