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Toronto Jobs

Join Canada's economic engine in Toronto, where the financial services, technology, and entertainment sectors offer endless career possibilities. Toronto's diverse and dynamic job market is a fertile ground for talent and ambition. To initiate your job search, please enter the desired job title or skill along with your preferred city in the search boxes provided above.

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We've meticulously compiled this extensive list of job resources to assist you in your job search across Toronto. Our team is committed to regularly updating this list to ensure you have access to the latest opportunities and tools. Whether you're seeking employment in the public sector, tech industry, hospitality, or any other field, our curated resources are designed to support your journey towards landing your next role

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FAQ for Job Seekers in Toronto


1. How is the job market in Toronto as of 2024? The job market in Toronto continues to be competitive, with significant employment growth in various sectors. The city witnessed an increase in jobs, particularly in wholesale and retail trade, finance, insurance, real estate, rental, and leasing sectors, indicating a diverse and expanding job market​​.


2. What industries are currently thriving in Toronto? Toronto's job market is robust across several industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing. The city's tech ecosystem is especially vibrant, offering numerous opportunities for professionals in software development, digital media, and artificial intelligence​​​​.


3. Is it challenging to find a job in Toronto? Yes, Toronto ranks as having one of the most competitive job markets, not just in Canada but globally, with a high number of applicants for available positions. Job seekers may find it particularly difficult to land a job due to the high competition, especially in high-demand sectors​​.


4. What resources are available for job seekers in Toronto? Toronto offers various resources for job seekers, including job fairs, training expos, and programs like the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) for foreign workers and students. Organizations such as the City College of Business Health & Technology and Mackenzie Health provide career development opportunities and connections to potential employers​​.


5. What strategies can improve my job search in Toronto? Networking, leveraging online job boards, attending job fairs, and utilizing services from local employment agencies can significantly improve your job search. Tailoring your resume and cover letter to each job application and enhancing your online presence, especially on LinkedIn, are also effective strategies​​​​.


6. How does Toronto's diversity affect its job market? Toronto's diversity is one of its strengths, offering a cosmopolitan workforce and a wide range of job opportunities across various sectors. Employers value cultural competence and language skills, which can be an advantage for job seekers in a multicultural city like Toronto​​.


7. Are there any sectors with a particularly high demand for workers? The healthcare sector, including roles for dentists, optometrists, and registered nurses, has shown a very good job outlook. Similarly, positions in technology, such as software developers and IT project managers, continue to be in high demand​​.


8. What is the average time it takes to find a job in Toronto? The time it takes to find a job in Toronto can vary widely depending on the industry, your experience, and the level of competition. With its competitive job market, job seekers should be prepared for a potentially lengthy search and consider various strategies to stand out to employers​​.


9. How can international job seekers work in Toronto? International job seekers can explore opportunities through the OINP or other immigration programs. It's essential to have the proper work permits and to consider roles that match your skills and experience. Engaging with employment services that assist foreign workers can also be beneficial​​.


10. What are the best job search websites for Toronto? For job seekers in Toronto, popular job search websites include Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Monster, and Workopolis. For more localized job search, websites like and the City of Toronto's own job board are valuable resources. Additionally, provides a comprehensive listing of available jobs across various industries in Toronto.


11. What kind of support services are available for job seekers in Toronto? Toronto offers a range of support services for job seekers, including resume writing workshops, career counseling, networking events, and job fairs. Organizations like JVS Toronto and the Toronto Employment & Social Services provide specialized services to assist individuals in their job search efforts, including support for newcomers and individuals transitioning careers.


12. Are there industries in Toronto known for offering remote or work-from-home opportunities? Yes, the tech industry, customer service, marketing, and many professional services in Toronto have embraced remote work, especially following the increase in work-from-home arrangements due to the pandemic. Job seekers interested in remote opportunities should explore tech companies, startups, and roles that traditionally support telecommuting.


13. How competitive is the entry-level job market in Toronto? The entry-level job market in Toronto is quite competitive, particularly in high-demand sectors such as technology, finance, and healthcare. Graduates and those new to the job market may face intense competition but can stand out through internships, volunteer work, and relevant certifications.


14. How can I increase my visibility to employers in Toronto's hidden job market? Networking is key to accessing Toronto's hidden job market. Attend industry meetups, join professional associations, engage in LinkedIn groups related to your field, and consider informational interviews with professionals in your desired industry. Referrals from within your network can significantly increase your visibility to potential employers.


15. What strategies are effective for newcomers looking to find a job in Toronto? Newcomers should focus on improving their language skills, understanding Canadian workplace culture, and obtaining Canadian work experience through volunteer positions or internships. Utilizing services designed for immigrants, such as those offered by the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program and local nonprofit organizations, can also provide valuable assistance.


17. What are the prospects for career advancement in Toronto? Toronto's diverse and growing economy offers good prospects for career advancement, particularly in sectors like technology, finance, healthcare, and professional services. Continuous learning, networking, and performance excellence are key drivers for career progression in the city's competitive job market.


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