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This package is for you if you are looking for a job in Canada, and want Canada Hires consultants to apply on your behalf.  

Canada Hires team knows where and how to search using the right techniques. You are in the right place


You save time on searching and applying for jobs

We are as Experts in the Canadian job market will get you better opportunities in your Desired area and field. 

If you are outside Canada and planning to land in Canada, you could time it on your landing time or find out if Canada needs your skills or not.

What do you get:

100% Money back guarantee

-We analyze your Resume and search for all recently posted jobs based on agreed skills, location, and other details.  

- Apply online application for specific jobs on your behalf 

100 Jobs


-We will format your resume to the Canadian format ( if needed ), In addition, cover letters will be matched the criteria of each online application.

- We will be provide you with the jobs list, screenshots, and evidence that you will be getting emails of confirmation that you applied for a job.