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This package is for people who are in Canada and would like to know if they should relocate to another city due to many factors. 

This package will help you to decide to move or not to move, where you can get more salary, benefits, and job security. 

What you will get in the package


  • 45 minutes of consultation 

  • We take your current resume and change it to a Canadian format and standard ( if need ) 

  • A detailed report on the following

  • Top 3 cities to land and find a job in your discipline (profession) based on detailed research:
      • Rate of competition from other job seekers

      • Number of job Posts in your discipline

      • Salary expected

      • living costs

      • Summary of recommendations based on multiple factors

  • We will provide you with answers to any question you have on the job market

  • Tips and Tricks for job search

    • Where to upload your resume

    • What Keywords to use

    • How to apply to jobs

  • This will help you to

    • To find a job easier

    • Find a job in Canada in a shorter time

    • Align your life goals with job goals

    • Be more attractive to employers in Canada

We will ensure that you can take the steps needed in order to make that happen

Delivery: 7 working days