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  • How does immigrants contribute to the economy?

    Immigrants and temporary foreign workers fill gaps in Canada’s labour force and help employers respond to vacancies in various sectors.

    Many of those that immigrate as children, or the children of immigrants, on average, contribute to Canada’s labor force and go on to earn as much or more as the Canadian born.

     Roughly 1 in 4 workers (26%) in Canada are immigrants here are some facts:

     In 2016, there were 600,000 self-employed immigrants employing over 260,000 Canadians.

    How does immigrants contribute to the economy?

    Source: IRCC


    • In a 2018, 9% of small business owners reported hiring temporary foreign workers to address job vacancies in the prior 12-month period
    • In 2019, the labor market participation rates of very recent immigrants were 71% and recent immigrants was 76%
    • In 2016, over one third of nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates in Canada were immigrants.


    Immigrant owners of small and medium-sized enterprises are successful in introducing a product, process or marketing innovation into the marketplace


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