About Us

About Us

Canada Hires was founded with the belief that there is always a wealth of job opportunities in Canada. Despite this, many people struggle to find success in their job search due to lack of proper planning and information. Our mission is to deliver the message that Canada does indeed hire and to provide the missing piece of the puzzle - knowledge and resources for informed planning. Join us in realizing your career goals in the thriving job market of Canada."

Whether you're a student looking to study in Canada, a professional seeking employment opportunities, or a family looking to start a new life in Canada, Canada Hires has the information and resources to help you achieve your goals.

We invite you to explore our website and take advantage of the information and services we have to offer.

We are based in Ottawa, the political Capital of Canada! We can always be reached through contact us page or via this address

Customer Service: 613-700-7777 


710 Devario crescent,

 K2J6H3, ON, Canada