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    Stand Out in Calgary's Job Market: Expert Tips for Succes

    With the all-time high competition for jobs in Calgary, making yourself stand out from the rest of the applicants may seem difficult if not downright impossible. After all, everyone’s putting their best foot forward to secure that much-coveted position, and they won’t stop until they land that job whatever it takes.

    Now that only a limited number of companies are hiring in Calgary, the last thing you want is to lose out on such a rare opportunity. Here are some tips to guide you through your road to employment.

    Polish Your Resume to Perfection

    This first tip may sound like a no-brainer but if there are not a lot of companies that hire in Calgary, you can’t risk your resume getting lost in a mountain of other resumes. While the content of your resume matters more than its presentation, it might not always be the case.

    Your job application might get botched before it even begins if you don’t polish your resume and present it well. Thankfully, there are many tools and resources online that can help you create a stellar resume. Use these to your advantage and you’ll be surprised by the results.

    Establish a Solid and Positive Personal Brand

    Personal branding can make or break your search for jobs in Calgary. Start with crafting a captivating personal statement on your resume. The “Tell me about yourself” section or your elevator pitch must be around 30 seconds that include a quick summary of your qualifications, skills, education, and personal qualities.

    Another effective way to build your brand is through your social media accounts. Almost all companies today have their own social media presence, so it won’t be surprising if they also check your posts and tweets. Make sure that they will only see positive things there that reveal your abilities and knowledge.

    You can even start your blog where you can showcase your expertise in your niche or field. Add your personal touch and a little flair to it. Remember that your skills, passions, and interest are all part of the package so make sure everything looks great.

    Grow Your Qualifications Further

    Believe it or not, work experience isn’t always the most important part of your resume. Volunteer work, professional development certifications, and additional skills can all catch the eyes of potential employers who are hiring in Calgary and make you stand out from the rest.

    To make things more interesting, attending professional certification courses and joining volunteering events are also great ways to meet potential mentors who can guide you down the road.

    Nurture and Expand Your Network

    While your education, experience, and personal brand all matter, the people you know can also be the key to a new door of opportunity. Networking can help you stand out better even in the most competitive job markets.

    Don’t miss the chance to attend professional networking groups, industry events, and job fairs where you can meet and interact with other field professionals. If you’re lucky, a chance meeting might lead you to a new job opportunity or better yet, a referral to a hiring manager.

    You should also try to reach out to people in your current network consisting of your former classmates or colleagues. Doing so is an effective way to renew your connections and have your name out there. Staying in touch with your network doesn’t only keep you updated with new opportunities but also allows you to forge relationships that might lead to new job offers in the near future.

    Learn and Research Prospective Employers

    One of the best-known secrets for impressing hiring managers is to do your homework and learn more about the company, including its history, current projects, and its values and principles.

    Why is it important, you ask?

    Researching the company is a great show of your dedication. It means that you took your time to look into the company itself instead of the job position alone.

    Even if the hiring manager doesn’t ask about what you know about the company, make sure you still slip in a few details you learned. Your cover letter is also a great place to present the facts you researched, which is another sure-fire way of making yourself stand out from other applicants.

    Don’t be Afraid to Downgrade

    Accepting a job position that may be lower than your last job or most recent pay grade might feel like a step-down and to be honest, it probably is. However, remember that most employers expect a larger pool of talents to choose from, and now is your best chance to set yourself apart from the rest.

    The moment you accept a slightly lower position, it puts you in an ideal position of exceeding the expectations of your employer. You can use this time to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and experience you’ve accumulated so far. When you over-perform and over-deliver in your new role, your employer will notice you and name you as the top candidate when a higher job position opens up.

    Wow Your Interviewers with Thank You Notes

    Your chance to wow interviewers don’t just stop after the interview itself. Take your time in preparing and sending thank you notes after your interviews. Aside from reflecting your enthusiasm and passion for the available position, it also puts you on top of the interviewer’s mind when it’s finally time to decide who to hire. You can also reference certain parts of the interview in the note to show that you were engaged and attentive during the conversation.

    Be Flexible

    Although you spent several years perfecting your career, don’t be afraid to be flexible, especially amidst a competitive job market. Now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should switch to a different profession, though.

    Instead, being flexible means you should take your time to evaluate your current skills and consider other plans, including temporary ones. While your dream job may seem too elusive for now, being patient and flexible will help you battle through this setback.

    The Bottom Line

    Finding the best jobs in Calgary may take anywhere from several weeks to several months. Preparing for your new position as early as you can gives you a good head start and makes you stand out from the crowd of other qualified talents.


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