5 Questions to help you choose the right Canadian city to live in

The decision to relocate to a new city or a new country is a big one that should not be taken lightly. And depending on your age and family situation it can become even more complicated (for example, if there are children and a spouse involved).

At Canada Hires, we make it our mission to help new immigrants navigate the job search process to find suitable opportunities based on their experience. And that includes making recommendations on what cities may be best based on their needs.

In this post, we will cover 5 important questions to consider as you decide on the right Canadian city to settle in.

1 - Would you prefer an urban or rural area?

This is a major one. Whether the area is urban or rural can impact things like your access to public transportation, nightlife, entertainment, job opportunities, shopping etc.

2 - How important is ethnic diversity to you?

Would you prefer to live in an area that has a varied mix of ethnicities? Or would you prefer an area that has more immigrants from your country?

3 - How much cold can you handle?

While Canada is often considered cold by many immigrants, there are some areas that are definitely colder than others. So consider how important the weather will be as you look at potential cities.

4 - What employment opportunities will you be seeking?

This is another critical factor to be mindful of. Based on your educational background and area of expertise are there available employment opportunities in the area you are considering?

5 - What can you afford for housing and cost-of-living expenses?

Whether you decide to rent or own, housing costs and cost-of-living will be another major consideration. 

Once you’ve answered these 5 questions it’s time to start doing some research to determine which cities would be good options based on your criteria. We recommend choosing from a variety of Canadian locations as you keep your options open.

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